Let’s Roll Cruiser Dolly and Lift, I was wrong!

Let’s get straight to the point before I tell you anything else about the lift and dolly from Let’s Roll. The Package cost $629 for the dolly and lift. Now I know the initial reaction of generally going to be that is too expensive or I can buy a whole table style lift from Harbor Freight for that price. And while you may be able to get a lift for that price that would be comparing apples to oranges, and I will explain why in second.

If you asked me 3 months ago would I buy a motorcycle lift and dolly for that price I would have said no, now I would save the money and pay the difference to buy this Dolly without a doubt! I have used various lifts, jacks, dolly systems in the last 40 years and I must say this is the best built system I have seen of this nature yet. First it is made in the USA so you are going to pay more than a product from a foreign competitor. I have used $450 lifts and dolly systems and to be honest this system is worth the extra $180. The other system I mentioned does not advertise it is it made in the USA, it doesn’t have locking casters. The Cruiser Dolly weighs 7 pounds more because it is better made and has a 200-pound higher weight capacity, and it includes locking casters.

The base is on the Let’s Roll Cruiser Dolly is 35 inches long which is almost twice what other brands are, the min heights is also lower thanks to the design, than many of the other brands as well. I think these little touches and effort is why this system is so unbelievably stable with a 1,000 pound Harley Davidson. Many of the other systems have places to connect tie down straps. Yet the Let’s Roll Cruiser Dolly does not, why not, because they are not needed? I did a review on YouTube if you want to watch me roll my Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycle around with not tie downs and see how stable it is.

For the $180 or event $300 difference I would save up my money and buy this dolly every time now that I have experienced what a better motorcycle dolly offers, which is peace of mind and confidence that my expensive motorcycle if very safe and stable on this dolly.

Before I go I want to touch on the apples to oranges of comparing this to a Table style motorcycle lift. I have a nice motorcycle lift in my shop and it works beautifully and it also takes up a fair amount of space, space I have in my shop but not in my garage. The Let’s Roll system sets on a shelf under my work bench when I am not using it, when not in use it takes up Zero foot print of space in my garage where space is a premium. Table Style lifts are great but they are not the right solution in every situation regardless of cost. And let’s be honest the Harbor Freight lift is a great economical solution but it is not a premium product Made in the USA either.

If you’re looking for the best Motorcycle Dolly I have ever used then here is a link for you where you can purchase it for $395. If you don’t already have a good low profile scissor lift then you may want to get the entire package for $629.